Image by Shundo Haye

Image by Shundo Haye

I’m a California native, born in Marin County and raised in Southern California.  

In midlife, yearning for a peaceful mind, I began meditating. I met my teacher Myogen Steve Stücky in January of 1994. I made jukai (took my lay vows) with Myogen at Dharma Eye Zen Center in 1996, was priest ordained by Zenkei Blanche Hartman at San Francisco Zen Center in 2003, served as Shuso (head student) with Myogen at Tassajara in 2008, and received dharma transmission from him at Tassajara in April of 2013.

I lived at Tassajara for three years and City Center for four. My job assignments ranged from bell ringer to bath house attendant, and from kitchen head to front office greeter. 

I began training as a chaplain at the Sati Center’s Buddhist Chaplaincy Training in Redwood City in 2007. A one year hospital residency in Clinical Pastoral Education followed. I moved out of Zen Center in 2008 and have been employed as a hospice chaplain since 2010.

I am also a photographer. With the exception of my image here, all photographs on this site were taken by me. Please see my flickr page for more images. I can be reached at